Headteacher Awards - 4th December

Headteacher Awards - 4th December


Joe - For being this weeks King and for trying hard to do his zip and not just say he can't do it!

Lara - For being this weeks Queen and for just being Lara! She is always helpful, polite and kind.


Cecilia - For fantastic listening and participation in carpet sessions.

Scarlett - For trying hard and not giving up, even when she finds something difficult.


Jemima - For improvements with her reading and remembering to sound out tricky words and not just guess them.

Kristian - For super writing. He has blown Mrs Jerwood away with his fab writing this week!


Ellie - For fantastic effort in maths.

Sonny - For fantastic effort in maths.


Archie - For trying hard when learning to tell the time.

Nicola - For being helpful all of the time.


Zara - For fantastic sewing when making her Christmas Craft

Theo - For excellent sportsmanship in PE.


Naveen - For getting his head down and focussing on his work.

Simon - For outstanding screen printing, from design to stencil making and finally printing.