Harry Potter

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter studios were spectacular. All of the plans and white card models were so detailed you could guess what the model was of. We got to learn so much that you would never have thought was true from just watching the films. Such as, Hagrid’s head wasn’t real it was a model that the actor put on his head. For Hagrid no one could find anyone who was 7 foot something. The only person they could find was a rugby player who was 6 foot 9 or 6 foot 8.(I can’t really remember.) Because he wasn’t 7 foot they had to put stilts on him so he would be half giant. We learnt all of this in a workshop we did. Everyone got a job that were like costume designer and people who made white card models. I was the last person without a job and I was the animal trainer.

by Lily

The school trip was amazing. Everything we did was extraordinary. My favourite part was how Hagrid’s  head was an robot. He was also an Ex England rugby player. Did you know that even the person who played Hagrid was not tall enough to be the 7ft5  giant of a man?

I was also gob-stopped by the wondrous view of the humungous paper castle. It looked like we were in the set. Everything they placed was immaculately and most of all it must of taken them hours to make. That is why   I liked it.

by Freddie

On Thursday 21 March we went to Harry Potter world. There was lots to do like riding a broomstick, spotting the golden snitch and more! My favourite part was at lunch when we had actual butter beer. It tasted amazing. After lunch we saw the night bus (which was sadly closed off) the wavy bridge (that made me feel dizzy) and even Harry Potter’s own house! Inside of it was the exact same thing as it was in the movie as well! And that is why I liked it.


By Barney